The Lost Hosfords

The Lost Hosfords is a show about a recently “rediscovered” baseball league from the 1880’s. This was a collaboration with Sean Fong. We painstakingly recreated uniforms, handpainted backgrounds, and awkward  1800’s sports poses to produce a series of cabinet cards that were show at Likewise in Portland, Oregon.

2016-11-04-18-25-42 2016-11-04-19-27-57 2016-11-04-19-28-01 2016-11-04-18-17-24 2016-11-04-18-17-05

The Show consisted of over 100 cards, here are a few of my favorites:

hosford-cards165000 hosford-cards165001 hosford-cards165002 hosford-cards165005 hosford-cards165006 hosford-cards165007 hosford-cards165008 hosford-cards165009 hosford-cards165010 hosford-cards165011 hosford-cards165012 hosford-cards165013 hosford-cards165014 hosford-cards165015 hosford-cards165016 hosford-cards165017 hosford-cards165018 hosford-cards165019 hosford-cards165020 hosford-cards165021 hosford-cards165022 hosford-cards165023 hosford-cards165024 hosford-cards165025 hosford-cards165026 hosford-cards165027 hosford-cards165028 hosford-cards165029 hosford-cards165030 hosford-cards165031 hosford-cards165032 hosford-cards165033 hosford-cards165034

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